Descriptive text About Ambarawa Railway Station In Semarang, Central Java

This museum is located in Ambarawa, in Central Java. The museum focuses on the collection of steam locomotives

Ambarawa was a military city during the Dutch Colonial Government. King Willem l ordered the construction of new railway station to a neighborhood government to transport its troops to Semarang

On May the 21st 1873, the Ambarawa railway station was built on 100.027.500 m2 land. Back then it was known as King Willem I Station

The Ambarawa railway museum was established much later on October 6th 1926 in the Ambarawa railway station to preserve the steam locomotives

They were coming to the end of useful lives when the 3-feet 6 inches guard railway or Indonesian State Railway or Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api was closed. The steam locomotives are parked in the open air next to the original station

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