Example Recount Text: The Legend Of Pesut Fish From Mahakam

A long time ago, in the village in East
Kalimantan. There lived a rich family of Pak Pesut. Everybody knew him, not because of his wealth, but because of his stinginess

During a long dry season, the villagers were planning to leave the village and look for the place that had enough water for cultivating rice.  villagers went to Pak Pesut's house to inform him about a new place. He refused to join them believing he had enough rice to survive before their stock of rice run out

One morning when Pak Pesut's wife was cooking their last piece of rice, a beggar came to his house, he asked for some rice but Pak Pesut lied to him that he didn't have any rice

Pak Pesut was worried that the beggar would steal the rice, so he told his family to eat hot rice from the cooking pot. It was so hot that they felt their mouths were burn- ing and they jump into the river, the beggar saw that and prayed to God, amazingly Pak Pesut's family slowly changed into fish that looked like dolphins. Since then everybody called that fish"Pesut Fish

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